So what is an "As-Built?" 


• Buildings are built from an architects design plans. As a building progresses there are often circumstances that force the building contractor to deviate from the original design plan. Therefore, when a building project is complete the existing design plans must be corrected to reflect the changes that where caused by these deviations from the original design plans. These updated plans reflect the project "As it was actually built". AS-BUILT

 • Are you in the process of a Renovation, Revamp, Alteration or Addition to an existing building / house? Do you require complete and accurate plans of the existing property to plan your project? if the answer is Yes, then give us a shout. "Re-measuring and re-drawing existing buildings is what we do."

 • Are you unsure of your useable (UA) m2 and rentable (RA) m2 areas? Do you require a SAPOA Report? MeasureUp is willing and able to help you.   

• We measure and draw existing buildings to discover & confirm the "as-is" conditions of the building in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors using the latest 3D measuring and 2D/3D CAD drawings.

• Company Overview


MEASURE UP is a Gauteng based company. Our head office is located in Pretoria. We set up remote offices in strategic locations all over South Africa whenever needed.
MEASURE UP As-Built and Space Auditing Specialists, “MEASURE UP”, provides a wide range of As-Built and Space Auditing solutions on a regional and national level to all professionals in the construction and property management fields.
MEASURE UP was born when we noticed a huge lack of properly documented and stored plans for the above mentioned professionals to work from. In the few instances where there were existing plans, the quality and accuracy were often inadequate. Another huge contributing factor to the birth of MEASURE UP was that there were no or very few companies that focused on As-Builts as their core business. As-Builts were being done as a secondary concern and did not receive the required attention to detail.


MEASURE UP has serviced industry leaders such as Creative Axis Architects, South Point, Redefine, Allan Gray, Lupini Architects, LCI Incorporated, Louis Louw Johan Bergenthuin Architects, Broll, Stauch Vorster Architects, GAPP Architects and many more, having measured over 1 million squares of retail, commercial, corporate and industrial property since our inception in 2002.

 Our niche is high-volume professionals with needs in the following areas:

·         Property Owners – Recording, documentation and safe storage.
·         Property Management - Facilities, Risk, Lease and Asset Management.
·         Construction Professionals – Planning, Reporting and Confirmation.   


Every team member of MEASURE UP is dedicated to one thing; your success. We have assembled and extensively trained a team of enthusiastic and experienced draughtsmen, who are able to provide professional measuring and draughting services for different disciplines.

Our MEASURE UP team prides itself on open and honest communication with all our clients, both current and prospective. We do our best to bring our team of professionals together to deliver you world-class solutions to your day-to-day construction and facilities management challenges. We do this through our experience, dedication, and continuous desire to find and develop new innovations for our industry


Our Values 

· Service remains the highest priority,         internally and externally.

· Passionate about our work, thereby delivering superior value to our clients.

· We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.

· We respect, encourage and adapt to change.

· Dedicated to satisfying client needs and commitments that we have made.

·  All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.

·  We do what we say, with respect, integrity, and fairly. 

· We accept accountability for our actions.

MEASURE UP’s success is a product of these values. Especially change. From its first day, MEASURE UP has adapted to client and employee needs to provide the highest level of satisfaction throughout. This is why our clients continue using our services year after year, and why we retain a positive and highly motivated workforce.


Our Company Philosophy  


Setting realistic expectations of people, calculated company growth and client satisfaction is extremely important to us for long-term success. MEASURE UP is not growing just for growth’s sake; it grows strategically and cautiously to ensure service remains at the highest calibre. 


Stability amid expansion helps MEASURE UP attract clients who want to deal with a solid, well-rooted company. This reflects a company culture in which profitability is critical, but only as a by product of superior work and customer service.


To achieve such success, MEASURE UP has the ability to flow seamlessly between process management, physical site work, draughting of the recorded information, quality control and maintaining a good solid relationship with our clients. No one else offers our scope of experience, expertise and discipline to make it work on multiple locations at the same time in the retail, commercial, corporate, industrial and private sectors. 


 Our Target Market


  Listed Property Funds. 

  Property Evaluators

  Non Listed Property Funds


  Smaller Property Owners


  Property Managers

 • Builders

  Property Facilitators

  Quantity Surveyors

  Space Planners

 • Interior Designers

Our Vision is to become the nationally preferred supplier of fast and accurate building information for the retail, commercial, industrial, corporate and private property sectors in South Africa. 

Our Mission  is to provide top quality As-built plans for our clients, that are accurate and produced fast, are easy to use, understand and maintain. These plans are for those who need the plans as a matter of urgency and where accuracy is of utmost importance.