SAPOA Services

Do you know what “The SAPOA Method for Measuring Floor Areas” entails? Do you know the difference between common, remote common and secondary common areas? How about useable areas, rentable areas and R/U factors? More importantly, do you know how to divide your property up into these above mentioned areas to ensure your lease agreements are correct?

Relax; “The SAPOA Method for Measuring Floor Areas” in Commercial, Retail and Industrial Buildings is the version adopted for South Africa and is based on the American National Standard the “BOMA International Standard Method for Measuring Floor Areas”.


Our certificates of rentable area give you peace of mind that your lease agreements are accurate. All areas are calculated in accordance with the “SAPOA method for measuring floor areas in buildings".

Once accurate dimensions are available in electronic format the useable areas, common areas and major penetrations etc are demarcated. Common areas, Remote Common areas, Secondary Common areas etc are then correctly apportioned to useable areas to give the net rentable area to ensure fair but optimal rental recovery.


Did you know that as a general rule of thumb, we find that if a building is resurveyed to the “SAPOA” Standards, there is typically a 3-5% increase in gross rentable area, due to inaccuracies of previous as-built plans or incorrect allocation and recovery of all areas? Obviously, such an increase more than offsets the costs of the space audit.


Additional rentable area instantly increase asset value and improve rentable sqmt calculations so the rent roll is accurate. In many cases we helped find square meterage that was lost over years of sub-division and tenant alterations.

Our surveys are used by our clients to improve marketing materials, allow the buildings to accurately determine pro rata share, allow landlord’s to charge for every sqmt of their building, and takes the guesswork out of sqmt calculations.

 Of course our results may also show the opposite, that the tenants are being overcharged in which case the property owners and managers are exposing themselves to huge risks and they can then proactively manage the crisis, but this only happens in 1 out of 10 cases.


As-built SAPOA Floor Plans – show the following details:

Concrete walls, Brick walls, Screen walls and Expansion Joints.

Sanitation (water closets, basins, showers, baths, sinks etc).

Columns, Overhead Beams and Overhead Slab edges.

Fire Escapes, Fire Hose Reels and Extinguishers.

Stairwells, Stairs, Handrails, Balustrades, Elevators and Escalators.

Electrical Distribution Boards, Electrical Meters and Transformers.

Drywall Partitioning, Steel Cages and Fixed Counters.

Grid Lines and Park Lines.

Service Ducts, Double Volumes and Voids.

Tenant Names and/or Codes, UA and RA sqmt.

Windows, ALL Doors Types, Roller Shutters, Gates etc.

All areas colour coded in accordance to the “SAPOA Method”

 *All the above details can be shown, but in general a simpler version is produced for the SAPOA Method*


As-built SAPOA Report – contains the following within a bound report: 

Building Photo, Building Address, Stand no. and Locality map.

Summary of Tenant, Common and other revenue producing areas.

A4 binder with A3 fold out drawings for quick, easy reference and interpretation.




As an agent representing the condition and square meterage of property to others, having an accurately documented set of plans, and exact measurements protects you from liabilities resulting from disputes concerning, area allocation, building layout, measurements and features. 

Maximized Rental Income

Precise recording and documentation of your As-Built, and correct SAPOA analysis, allows you to maximize the rentable space and income potential of your commercial or residential property.

Compliance with Fire Protection Regulations

Use the MEASURE UP generated floor plan to comply with local fire department regulations before a disaster strikes.

Help Your Architect or Engineer Help You

Having an accurate set of floor plans gives your architects, engineers, interior designers, etc. an accurate point of reference for renovations, alterations and additions, thus saving time and money.

Updated Plans 

In addition to the initial measuring and drafting of floor plans, we can quickly and easily update the existing floor plans after any modifications are made to the structure and/or tenants useable areas. It is not uncommon that property managers and owners ask that we provide annual updates for facilities with high tenant turnover.

Save Money

Our affordable rates allow you to maximize the value and presentation of your property; or reduce your overhead by out-sourcing building measuring and drafting work.