As-Built Services


Are you in the process of a Revamp, Space Plan, Alteration, Addition, Interior Design, Fire Plan, etc. on an existing building? Are you sure that the plans you’re working from are correct? Do you have a good understanding of the structure and day to day activities of the building you are working on?

If the answer is NO, this is where we come in. You give us a call, explain to us what your needs are. Sit back and relax, shortly you will have plans that are accurate and self explanatory.

Now you can work with your mind at ease that there won’t be any unforeseen issues coming your way that may cost you time and money. Not to mention an unhappy client.

As-built Floor Plans - show the following details:

Concrete walls, Brick walls, Screen walls and Expansion Joints.

Windows, ALL Doors Types, Roller Shutters, Gates etc.

Columns, Overhead Beams and Overhead Slab edges.

Sanitation (water closets, basins, showers, baths, sinks etc).

Stairwells, Stairs, Handrails, Balustrades, Elevators and Escalators.

Fire Escapes, Fire Hose Reels and Extinguishers.

Drywall Partitioning, Steel Cages and Fixed Counters.

Electrical Distribution Boards, Electrical Meters and Transformers.

Service Ducts, Double Volumes and Voids.

Grid Lines and Park Lines.

Any additional elements can be included in the As-Built such as snag lists, furniture, electrical points, voice points, data points, light fittings, ceiling grids, ceiling fans, air conditioning outlets, floor and wall finishes, etc.


As-Built Sections – show the following details:

Heights (windows and doors) (sills and lintels).

Heights of level changes and roof.

Heights (NGL – FFL) (slab – slab) (slab – ceiling).

Slab, Beam, Lintel, Wall, etc. thicknesses.

Heights (FFL – overhead beams and slab edges).


As-Built Elevations – show the following details:

Falls of all relevant NGL.

All other relevant Façade details.

Façade Windows, Doors, Wall finishes, Corbellings and detailing.

Roof Overhangs and Gutters.


As-Built Site Plans – show the following details:

Street names, Stand numbers and all other relevant labelling.

Ramps, Curbs, Paving, Planters etc.

Buildings, Outbuildings, Carports, etc. positions on Stand.

Pools, Water Features, Trees, etc.

Building Lines, Boundaries and Walls.

Walkways, Driveways, Park Lines, etc.

All Site Entrance and Exits.






Accurate and up to date As-Built plans protect you from making accidental, embarrassing and potentially expensive mistakes on your design or quantity calculations.


Maximized Productivity  

Instead of you wasting your precious time on a time consuming As-Built, we do it for you fast and accurately. Our participation enables you to focus your time on those professional skills and core competencies that have made you successful. 



Having accurate and up to date As-Built plans will prevent you from misinterpreting or misunderstanding the building you are working on. Our As-Built plans give you an accurate point of reference for renovations, alterations, additions, space planning, etc, that you know you can trust and continue working with confidence.


Easy Integration 

We can adapt to use your draughting standards and can incorporate your stationary. Our clients feel comfortable collaborating with us and benefiting from our skill sets and capabilities as we are client driven. Our solutions result in flexible implementations that are designed and driven by your requirements.  


Save Time and Money 

Our professional staff can compliment your existing Drafting and/or Facility Management Departments. Clients avoid the cost and the hassle of hiring, training, equipping, and supervising incremental staff to handle peak period workloads, or unscheduled demand. Our pricing schema also enables you to maintain or improve your margins.